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May 28, 2018

For many, public speaking is terrifying. For others, it’s just a fun hobby. For me, having the opportunity to stand in front of a crowd and capture their attention for a prolonged period of time is a privilege and an amazing opportunity for business development, when done right. 6 years ago, I decided to take public speaking more seriously and make it part of my business. Through my experience, which I share with you in this episode, I’ve learned how to work the stage, so to speak, to make public speaking an additional source of revenue in my business.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:  

  • Before you begin your speaking journey, you should know what you’re talking about
  • Why selecting a few topics to become known for is way more effective than listing about 30 things you can talk about
  • Practice and preparation are key and can mean the difference between delivering a mediocre presentation and delivering a presentation that helps you secure business long after you present
  • Even if you’re serving on a panel with others, how can you best prepare?
  • Set up a speaker's page either on an existing website or as an entire website dedicated to you as a speaker
  • Should you speak for free or only accept engagements that pay you?
  • What can you be doing with your presentation slides to help provide the necessary information for attendees to know about you
  • When responding to questions from audience members, what can you say to let them know you're available to help?
  • How can you promote an upcoming speaking engagement on social media without sounding obnoxious?
  • What is the best way to get the most out of video footage that you record while presenting?
  • How to find conferences to apply to participate in as a speaker


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